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Learn how to protect your child against bullying!

Cyberbullying: What Parents Can Do to Protect Their Children


Read Dr. Elias' Parent Tips to raising ethical, caring and respectful children

The National Honor Socieity Tutoring Center opens October 1st...

Have your child attend the Lincoln Lounge at 3pm for extra help on...
Tuesdays for Math & History
Wednesdays for Foreign Languages & English
Thursdays for Math & Science



photo of Testomonials

Hear what students, staff and parents have said about EVERGREEN! 


"Leonia has proven to be an excellent choice for our students because of the large number of electives and after school programs offered, its diverse student population, and excellent facilities"

—Evergreen Teacher


 “Evergreen has helped me more than any other school. It has all of the support
you need and mainstream classes.”



“If it wasn’t for the never ending
“open door” support, I don’t think
    I would have made it to graduation.”

—L.O., Class of 2004


“I wouldn’t be where I am today—
college, working, running study groups
of 27 people—if I had not chosen the Evergreen Program.”

—M.H., Class of 2008


"I am thrilled with my son's academic and social progress since he began the Evergreen Program at Leonia High School. I have seen him become much more self-confident, self-reliant and sociable. While he enjoys the selection of mainstream classes that are available to him, I enjoy knowing that he has all the support and assistance he needs in order to thrive & succeed during his high school years."


"I cannot praise the Evergreen staff enough!  Their attentive, positive support and caring in fostering my son's academic development in both skills and behavior."

10th Grade Parent: EP 


"I am so happy that finally there is a program for my child within district!  The Evergreen Program is very accommodating and understanding of my child's needs.  The faculty are experienced professionals who are dedicated, flexible and have the same goals for my child's success as I do.
Thank you !

 Mary Ellen


District Anti-Bullying Coordinator:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

327 East Ridgewood Ave
Paramus, NJ 0765

HIB Information & Anti-Bullying Specialist per Continuum

Self-Assessment for Determining Grades under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights