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MILLBURN REGIONAL DAY SCHOOL, located in the town of Millburn in Essex County, is operated by Bergen County Special Services School District. Millburn Regional Day School is an innovative receiving school for students with multiple disabilities, ranging in age from three through twenty-one. The curriculum offers a wide range of activities and services that enhance and support each student's academic program while providing students the opportunity to become independent and successful in school, at home, and in the community. While the academic focus is based on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standard, academics are presented as functional and career-based. A full range of therapies is offered in the natural setting and a total communication approach is used to encourage communication skills. Community-based trips, Family Living Center, Career Awareness Center, Walking Program, Music, Art, and Physical Education enhance this well-rounded program.

Our newest initiatives include the Career Awareness Center and our community-based Journey Program. The Center focuses on an "experiential" model that is closely aligned to real-life and community experiences. In-house, students perform activities comparable to those that they may perform in the community, i.e., sorting/delivering mail, shipping/receiving, and public relations. In the Journey Program, a community-based program for students 18 years of age or older who have completed Grade 12, students work on an individually tailored, life-centered plan that has been developed with their parents and Local Education Association (LEA). Emphasis is placed primarily on postsecondary goals/objectives. We believe this approach will assist students and parents in working with various agencies for the purpose of postsecondary/transition planning.

A vital part of Millburn Regional Day School is the Transition Program. The Transition Program provides students the opportunity to explore the community's workplaces. Partnerships have been created to foster the active involvement of businesses with our school. These partnerships form the framework for career awareness and community-based learning experiences that allow our students to learn the demands of the workplace and develop independent skills in the natural setting. This on-the-job training experience prepares our graduates to enter the competitive workforce as motivated, responsible, and reliable employees.


 District Anti-Bullying Coordinator: Pat Cosgrove

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