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As we come to the close of the 2013-2014 school year it is time to reflect on and take pride in our many accomplishments.

Students and staff worked hard to meet academic challenges to the best of their ability and accomplish goals. Our faculty this year has worked hard to improve student’s literacy skills across all content areas, enhance technology skills and familiarize students with the skills needed to take the PARCC assessment tests next school year. All teachers met the specific growth objectives they made for themselves and the results will be posted on our website.

Students who have met their State Mandated High School requirements will be moving on to new situations and new beginnings. I am confident that these students will be able to rise to any new challenge and be able to overcome all hurdles successfully.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer.       

Dr. Seema Lodhi, Ed,D.



 District Anti-Bullying Coordinator: Pat Cosgrove

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