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As we begin the school year I hope everyone enjoyed their summer. We look forward to seeing both our returning and new students on the first day of school. This school year, as with everything that has a start, each of us has the chance to put our best foot forward resulting in a successful school year. When we consider what success looks like we need to ask ourselves what do we need to do to achieve success in school? This perspective provides us with a simple path to follow during the school day: 1. Respect ourselves by applying ourselves each day and working to our full potential, 2. Respect others by treating them the way we would want to be treated, 3. Respect our school by following the rules and directions provided to us by the staff.

If each of us follow these few principles each day we will grow as individuals, realize positive outcomes in each of our classes and prepare ourselves for the future. We all have the choice to continue on the path we are currently taking or change our path. The change is not easy but possible for all of us so we can realize, experience and enjoy the life we all deserve.

Welcome back to a new school year.


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