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Read 180 Program

When students walk into a Read 180 classroom they immediately see something different. The room is cozier than most classrooms, with couches and comfy chairs, technology is set up to one side; but it isn’t long before they realize that this classroom is set up for engagement- with technology, with text, with their teacher and with each other. Students are motivated in a variety of ways to read and write in this class. They are also able to monitor their own progress. They start by taking a lexile test in beginning of the year and then setting goals to increase their level throughout the year. Students are made aware of their incremental gains which helps them better understand and acquire a sense of ownership over their academic growth.

Teachers are also able to monitor this progress and record data online. The increase in lexile level among my students has been remarkable. I am fortunate to have this program here at Gateway and to see the progress with my students. 





I would like to express my appreciation to the Gateway Program for providing my son a quality education program. The Gateway Program has been extremely helpful with the progress my son has made this school year. I am also very pleased with the consistent efforts of the school to keep me informed with my son's progress through out the school year and with school information that is pertinent to my role as a parent. 

Gateway Parent # 1

I want to express my appreciation to the Gateway Program for the great that they have done with my child  this school year. My child attends on a regular basis and always arrives home sharing about his positive expierences in school.

Gateway Parent # 2






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