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Food Pantry 3

The clients at the Paramus Adult Training Center, have expanded their volunteer work. While we continue to help out at the Paramus Food Pantry, we also have been delivering items to other food pantries in need. We enjoy being in the community and helping others!



Food Pantry 2




Progressive Paths clients painted a 16x20 canvas panel white.  After it was dry they applied 5 strips of painters tape where they wanted the trees to be.  Next they painted the exposed white canvas blue.  Finally, with staff assistance, a small amount of black paint was applied to the edge of a credit card.  The card was lined up with the edge of the tree trunk and gently swiped across to achieve the birch tree effect.  It was repeated numerous times until all the birch tree trunks were finished.  Everyone had a chance to participate in each step, and we think the result is wonderful!



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