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Our Trip to the Meadowlands


The Visions Program went to the Meadowlands Environmental Center three times this year to learn more about science and the environment. This year, we learned a lot about trees and bodies of water. We studied the bodies of water that surround Bergen County and then carried out several experiments about the properties of water. On our next trip we learned about the characteristics of local trees and how they are classified. 


Visions Students on Internship


Yesterday was my first day at my internship. The internship was at Goodwill in Paramus. I worked there for three hours. I was in the back area putting clothes on hangers. Before I started, I was very nervous because it was my first day working there. Then, once I got there I was less nervous than I was before. I enjoyed working there, I made a lot of new friends. I really hope I get to work there a lot more. (SL)


Technology Projects

This year our teacher has given us the opportunity to work on several projects. One was on this website called Xtranormal. and the other was on another website called Thinglink. On Xtranormal we created a movie scene that’s supposed to be a prediction as to what happens after The Merchant of Venice, which is a book that we read in class. My movie took place after the book ended and it showed a scene with a married couple from the book talking about how they love each other. The other project was in biology class. It was a project about an animal cell. We had to to pick a picture of a animal cell, then we had to label the parts on the diagram, as we did that we had to go on to Google and upload a picture that shows the job of each part of the cell.


Caribbean Foods

Our program went on a community trip to Caribbean Foods in Rockland County, NY to learn about the products they make and jobs that are available there. After learning about the history of the company and the products they make, we went on a tour to see the people and machines at work. When the tour was finished, we were treated to a delicious lunch where we had a chance to sample many of the foods made there.

     IMG 0160


Visions Honors Art teacher Ms. Marxenn

During our annual Transition Luncheon, the Visions Program recognized Ms. Becky Marxen for her above and beyond efforts in teaching our students. Thank you, Becky!


IMG 0166


Visions Students Display Their Art

AN-Art SL-ArtTD-Art


Journey 1

Millburn Regional Day School offers the Journey Program, which is a community based program for students 18 years of age or older who have completed Grade 12. Life-centered plans are individually tailored to meet the students’ needs as they prepare for life post graduation. Journey offers weekly instruction at the Livingston Mall, interspersed with rotating trips to Staples, Wal-Mart and other large retail stores. While out on these trips, students focus on increasing skills in the following areas: social, communication, safety, leisure, money handling and personal responsibility. Classes also go on weekly trips to the local Shop Rite. In class, a recipe is discussed and a shopping list is created (written or pictorial). Students use the shopping list to identify items in the food store. After purchasing the items, the students return to school and follow the recipe to cook the meal.

Journey 2    Journey4


Journey 5  


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