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Message from the Principal

Welcome to the Transition Center at Wood-Ridge.  Here at the Transition Center we serve students from grades 4 through graduation at the age of 21.  Our program is broken down into three different areas.  The first is our Middle School.  In there you will find students from grades 4 through 8.  Our next area is the high school portion.  Once these students reach of the age of 16, they will begin to participate in our group internships.  Our program has partnered with over 15 local businesses to expose our students to the vocational world.  Our final area is the Springboard class.  These students have completed their academic requirements so the focus of this class is occupational and vocational learning. 

All of our students have a true sense of belonging and feel at home during their time at the Transition Center.  If we can help you in any way, please feel free to contact us. 

Robert Mortorano

Transition Center Power Point 

Transition Center Middle School Class

Transition Center at Wood-Ridge



The Springboard Program is one of the most unique programs in our District in that it is located in a house rather than a school building.

Our program utilizes two houses, one in Garfield and the other in Paramus, which greatly enhances transition opportunities for our students. The opportunity afforded us to utilize residential homes has had an enormous impact on our program's goal: To assist our students in achieving individual independence as they transition from school to adult life. Our students, all of whom have completed their academic requirements, benefit from our “Life Centered Career Education” curriculum that is designed to promote personal growth in Daily Living Skills, Personal Social Skills, and Occupational Guidance and Preparation.

The Springboard Program was honored with the Innovations in Special Education Award from the NJ School Boards Association. All of our staff and students are justly proud of this accomplishment.
If you would like further information about the Springboard Program, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to us. 

Robert Mortorano


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