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Principal’s Message


It is my pleasure to offer congratulations to the class of 2016!! Graduation can be an exciting time, planning for your future, becoming independent and using the skills you have acquired in school when faced with new challenges.   It is my hope that you have fond memories of lessons learned, friendships formed and time well spent. Thank you to our parents and family members for their cooperation and support throughout the school year. We would not have been successful in bringing about the positive changes in our students without your help. I also want to thank our school staff members, who as a group, have worked so hard to engage, encourage and challenge our students. Working together as a team has brought us all success!

My message to you the graduates of 2016 is that you take some time to thank each and every person who has supported and acknowledged your efforts as you worked to become the successful person you are today. BEST OF LUCK.



Dr. Seema Lodhi, Ed, D.


The Visions Emerson Program is able to provide Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy Services to students according to the I.E.P. Counseling services are available on request.


There are a number of additional resources available including:  

Assistive Technology, Social Skills Groups, CBI Training, Internships and Transition Services.


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