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Students, staff, and parents from the Norman A. Bleshman Regional Day School in Paramus enjoyed their annual holiday show on December 3, presented by Holiday Express.

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Mrs. Hogan

December 2014 Website

   December is here! Mrs. Hogan’s class can’t believe that the 2014-year is almost over. We are very busy having a wonderful time planning our monthly events and activities. We also demonstrated more independence, success, confidence and performance in school, internships and out in the community on trips.

At our internships, Sears, Shop-Rite, TJ Max and Home Goods, the students work together, follow instructions, display manners, socialize appropriately and exhibit good behaviors.

   In Activities for Daily Living, Mrs. Hogan’s class incorporates our Readiing, English and Math skills. The students listen attentively to recipe directions; gather food ingredients, double the recipe and baking/cooking items. We plan to make our famous party mix, cookies and pasta dish.

Our mathematical and social activities are focused on money management, not bullying others, respecting one’ s interests, differences and interacting appropriately. The planned trips for December is as follows:

Monday, December 1st, 2014  Allwood Cinema

Friday,, December 5th. 2014 IIKEA/Christmas Tree Shop

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 Wood-Ridge High School Holiday Music Show

Mark our calendar!

Mrs. Hogan’s class wishes everyone a happy, safe and wonderful holiday.


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