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Environmental grant to the Bleshman school


On October 20, 2017, representatives from Bergen County Special Services were on hand to celebrate the award of an environmental grant to the Bleshman school. The school was among 87 Bergen County public and private schools that participated in the Bergen County Utility Authority’s 2017 Environmental Awareness Grant Program.

Posing with student representatives Millie and Faith are (left to right); Gail Coe, Principal, Bleshman Regional Day School; Dr. Howard Lerner, BCSS Superintendent; Tara Bohan, BCSS Director of Instruction; Mary Martin, Workplace Readiness Facilitator, Bleshman Regional Day School; Ronald Phillips, BCUA Chairman; Germaine Ortiz, Bergen County Freeholder; and Tracy Silna Zur, Bergen County Freeholder Chairwoman.

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Mr. Liso’s Springboard class, with the help of Ms. Conlon, has already had a jam packed start to the school year.  In addition to creating their usually culinary delights in the Springboard kitchen, they have been off and running to a plethora of interesting destinations and activities. 
The partnership with Pony Power Therapies has continued into this school year.  Students have had the opportunity to participate in the six week Pony Power PALS (Pony-Assisted Life Skills) Program.  Each PALS session focuses on one of six key life skills, including safety, communication, setting boundaries, critical thinking, social skills and responsibility. During these sessions, the participants take part in non-riding, goal-oriented activities with horses like catching and haltering a horse, working together to lead a horse through obstacles, grooming, and observing horse behavior. These activities require them to identify and apply the skill of focus. The goal is for participants to strengthen life skills while developing a greater sense of self-respect, confidence and esteem through their interactions with horses and each other.
Students have also been able to return to the Microsoft store in Garden State Plaza where they receive interactive technology lessons from Microsoft professionals on the latest devices and software.  Internships at Shop Rite in Paramus and the Maywood American Legion rounded out the week’s travels with students honing their work skills in two of our longstanding work destinations. 
Finally, the entire school had the chance to experience the cooking skills the Mr. Liso and Ms. Conlon and the students have worked so hard developing by participating in two food fundraisers where all food was prepared by the students.  The first was the inaugural Camp Springboard where students enjoyed all their camp favorites such as s’mores, campfire hotdogs, popcorn and much more.  The second was the third annual Springboard carnival where students had some of their favorite boardwalk foods while playing carnival style games. We are barely through the first month and there is still so much more to do as the year goes on! 


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