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The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Continuum is the largest and most comprehensive in New Jersey. Children from ages three to twenty-one are educated through an Auditory-Oral or a Total Communication approach.

The Auditory-Oral track focuses on the development of listening and oral speech skills, while the Total Communication track incorporates sign language and finger spelling in addition to speech, speech-reading, and auditory amplification. Both approaches emphasize the development of communication skills through intensive speech and language training in conjuction with the use of residual hearing. Programs for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing are located in Midland Park and Hackensack. This arrangement offers students inclusion opportunities and interaction with age appropriate, typical peers. Collaborative teaching, participation in lunch and recreation periods, or a full spectrum of academic and extracurricular activities are among the inclusion options offered. All students are eligible to participate in general education, physical education, sports, music, art, and library classes. A variety of cultural enrichment activities, such as performances by the National Theater of the Deaf, are offered throughout the year.

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Additional Support is Provided Through the Following Methods:

(1) Regular education students serve as peer tutors for students who are deaf or hard of hearing
(2) Note takers, interpreters, and Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) are made available as required
(3) Sign language classes are offered for families and staff
(4) Speech therapy, including Auditory-Verbal Therapy (AVT), is provided individually, in small groups, and through classroom language infusion
(5) Audiological services
(6) Ongoing case management service


Sound Solutions

Sound Solutions is a division within Educational Enterprises that provides itinerant services and therapies to students in their local school districts. The purpose of these services is to meet the educational and audiological needs of students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Sound Solutions provides workshops to all school personnel who work with the students to provide guidance in the optimal use of amplification equipment, maintenance of the best possible listening environment, and analysis of the hearing impairment's impact on the education process.

In addition, teachers and speech therapists provide early intervention services to babies zero to three years old. With the advent of mandatory newborn screening, families can seek services to circumvent delays with services of specialists.

Sound Solutions school services include:

(1) Audiological consultant to the student and staff
(2) Evaluation of student's school amplification equipment and/or personal aids
(3) Recommendations to the Child Study Team concerning educational audiological issues
(4) Prompt on-call repair service for equipment
(4) Ear molds and all FM accessories for school FM equipment
(5) Consultative services provided by Teacher of the Deaf

Please visit the Educational Enterprises web page for additional information: http://bcss.bergen.org/index.php/ee-home

Student Success

Students proudly point to these achievements:

(1) Participation of students who are deaf or hard of hearing in Optimistic Club Debating Contest
(2) First students in "Olympics of The Mind" contest who are deaf or hard of hearing
(3) First winner of the State Special Arts Competition who was deaf or hard of hearing
(4) First signing and singing chorus in regional and state competitions

Each School Offers Specialized Programs

Preschool & Elementary Hearing Impaired Program (HIP), located at the Godwin/Highland Schools in Midland Park, educates students who are deaf or hard of hearing from preschool through sixth grade. A full array of placement options from small group instruction to full inclusion is provided with the support of certified teachers of the deaf, audiologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, CART, a social worker, and a Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant (LDT/C) case manager.

Hearing Impaired Program (HIP) Union Street is located in Hackensack, and educates students in preschool through eighth grade. Hackensack School District's curriculum as well as instructional materials are incorporated into the program from kindergarten through eighth grade. Children are afforded the educational opportunities that promote language, cognition, signed and verbal communication skills, and a strong sense of self-esteem. The mainstream component is enhanced by a commitment and working relationship with the Hackensack School District.

Secondary Hearing Impaired Program (SHIP) educates seventh- to twelfth-grade students at Midland Park Jr./Sr. High School. SHIP offers auditory oral and total communication tracks and a continuum of educational placement options, including full inclusion, collaborative classes, and small-group instruction classes. The Work Transition Program, which provides an opportunity for students to participate in part-time employment/internships, is open to all SHIP students.


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