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                                                       "Where Children Matter!"



  The Brownstone School educates students with special needs who require educational supports and intensive counseling to develop positive social and emotional interactions and ultimately gain the ability to self-monitor personal growth and development. The school program is designed to offer a structured learning environment to ensure that its students are equipped to handle the challenges of learning, appropriate decisions, and are prepared to solve problems effectively. By combining our Behavior Management System, curriculum and technical support, we can meet the social/emotional needs of each student in addition to them developing their self-regulation skills.


Activities to promote literacy are infuse throughout the curriculum and students are engaged in meaningful practices which relate to enhancing their individual skills. Through state standards and project based learning, activities reflect rigor and complexity through specific learning expectations that meet each students’ needs. Our curriculum approach is to provide the foundation for the universal and critical thinking skills that will enable Brownstone learners to contribute effectively to a global society.


It is Brownstone’s goal to continue to provide the students with a safe, supportive environment for them to continue to grow in their ability to read, promote positive interactions and build the skills necessary to become independent.


Through our instructional practices and community building, we will continue to make Brownstone a place “Where Children Matter!”


Have a great rest of the school year.


David Perez, Principal





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