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The Curiosity Corner Curriculum

 Bergen Early Learning Alliance is using a curriculum developed by the Success For All Foundation called Curiosity Corner. This curriculum provides teachers with well-structured theme units aligned with New Jersey Preschool Teaching & Learning Expectations: Standards of Quality, and national early learning guidelines.

The aim of Curiosity Corner is to promote, develop, and enhance language and literacy skills, as well as mathematical, scientific, listening and social skills, creative expression, and positive self-esteem.

Curiosity Corner's integrated approach is built on a daily sequence of components. Each day, the children follow a structured schedule that provides experiential and child-centered activities designed to engage three- and four-year-olds in literacy-focused, problem-solving projects throughout the day. Also, Art ,Music, or PE instruction occurs once a day.

Curiosity Corner in the Classroom

Greetings & Readings
The day begins with each child being individually greeted and made to feel welcome, thus making for a relaxed start to the day. Children may look at books and explore table-top activities during this time.

Clues & Questions
An introduction to the concepts of the day is made by the class mascot, Curiosity Cat, with an active problem-solving activity. Teachers encourage everyone in the class to learn more about the day's concept.

Rhyme Time
During this time, the children learn rhymes and songs related to the concepts of the day to promote phonemic awareness.

Learning Labs
Labs are scheduled twice a day. During this time, children explore concepts through concrete, hands-on experiences in a variety of learning centers.

Story Tree provides children with the opportunity to expand their world and explore concepts through books and stories. During Story Tree, they develop their vocabulary, learn to make predictions, and prepare for reading by learning that print communicates ideas. Teachers model how to think and ask questions about the story and its ideas.

Outdoor/Large Motor Play
Theme-related movement activities promote physical, cognitive, and social development.

Snack Time
A wonderful opportunity each day to practice interpersonal skills, develop self-help skills, and learn more about nutrition and hygiene.

Question & Reflection Time occurs at the end of each day. Children review the experiences they had throughout the day and reflect on what they have learned from them.


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