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 The BCSS Resource Center is a:

  • Resource for BCSS students and families;
  • Resource for BCSS post 21 adult rehab clients and their families;
  • Resource for BCSS case managers and faculty;
  • Resource for families and students throughout the greater Bergen County region;
  • Resource for education professionals throughout the greater Bergen County region;
  • Resource for disability services professionals throughout the greater Bergen County region.



Scope of Services (Features of the BCSS Resource Center)

Resource Coordination

Resource coordination includes intake, referral to the system of services and educational resources in Bergen County and the surrounding communities.  The Resource Consultant is available to answer questions and to provide consultation and support regarding special services and community resource options.  Follow up ensures quality of services.


The One-Stop-Shop

  • Service providers that serve people with disabilities have access to space at the BCSS Resource Center to provide their programs directly at the Center.
  • Partners co-locating at the BCSS Resource Center include agencies from early intervention, statewide services, employment, vocational rehabilitation, county offices, mental health services, transportation, DD services and recreation resources.
  • Service providers may also take advantage of the conference rooms to conduct workshops, trainings, educational seminars and other client related meetings.


Resource Room

The Resource Room includes but is not limited to the following items:

  • Educational materials, such as fact sheets, journal articles, etc., on many different topics related to people with disabilities;
  • Internet access for information on the web;
  • Magazines, books and other publications;
  • Brochures and fact sheets on service providers that serve people with disabilities;
  • Access to the latest research conducted on various diagnoses;
  • Resource directories;
  • Basic information on various disabilities and medications;


Networking Opportunities

  • Lunch Hour Service Provider presentations with Q&A-promote outreach and awareness of the multitude of programs provided by service providers who serve people with disabilities in our region;
  • Northern New Jersey Disability Network-quarterly meetings bring together members of the Network to share information and resources;
  • Parents gain access to and awareness of support groups, mentoring and respite programs, and parent networks in their local community.


Education Workshops

Service Providers are invited to use space at the BCSS Resource Center to conduct their workshops, trainings, educational seminars and other meetings related to client services.  Areas of interest include:

  • Health Services Transitions/Transition Planning
  • Parenting Skills Guardianship/Estate Planning/Special Needs Trusts
  • Disabilities Support Groups



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