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The Behavioral Skills Continuum educates students from ages three to twenty-one who have behavioral and/or learning disabilities. The students' needs are met through a comprehensive system of highly-structured learning environments that are designed to ensure that students benefit fully from instruction, and learn how to make appropriate decisions and solve problems effectively.

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Behavior Management Sites

At these locations specific external factors are utilized as behavior modification tools. A system of positive behavior management is used to motivate students to gain inner control.

A clearly defined, behavior-monitoring plan establishes baseline behaviors, charts progress, and provides systematic intervention. Both mainstream and specialized sites are available to ensure an appropriate placement for each student.

The Behavioral Continuum is firmly rooted in the commitment to provide an environment where students can experience success and ultimately transition to become productive, self-supporting citizens. Each site provides a full array of traditional and functional academic courses, as well as personal, social, career, and employment experiences. These supportive environments are designed to facilitate student learning potential while providing the necessary skills to effectively make decisions, solve problems, and assume responsibility.

Psycho-Educationally-Oriented Sites

These sites emphasize that achievement helps to improve self-concept, which in turn leads to greater achievement. Several of these locations are in public schools; in addition to providing counseling and inclusion options, these settings lend themselves to alternative interventions such as peer tutoring, contracting, student publications, and sports programs. Some of these programs are structured to provide intensive therapeutic intervention, work-based learning experiences, and alternative strategies for learning the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standard.

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