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The Adaptive Technology Initiative challenges students to apply science, technology and engineering skills to help solve problems for students with disabilities in our district. In a partnership with the Norman A. Bleshman Regional Day School, our engineering students endeavor to design new and innovative devices and to take part in other collaborative events. The Bleshman School serves students who have severe, multiple disabilities. Our ultimate goal is to have a positive influence on the lives of these students.


BCA Amnesty International is a high school chapter of AI based Hackensack, New Jersey, at the Bergen County Academies. We are a student-run club dedicated to the protection of the human rights of all people, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, faith, nationality, ethnicity, financial status, or beliefs and opinions.


The "MAKE Project" is the new home base for what was originally called “The BattleBots Project” in 2001. Over the decade, the Titanium Knights Robotics program evolved. To this day students become masters of engineering technologies, serve as mentors, and pursue a wide variety of science and engineering projects and competitions. Seamlessly and without fanfare, even our past students (some now Professional Engineers) continue to help. The project was renamed to Robot and Design Decathlon (RADD) in 2006 to support a larger range of engineering challenges.

In 2010, our project was once again renamed, this time to "MAKE," based on Make Magazine. This year as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, the original website has been completely revamped. More data will be added as the year progresses and as new students take leadership positions and add further successes to our program.

http://sites.bergen.org/BCSS Newsletter

A monthly newsletter that serves as a resource on select topics including: Sharing what we regard as best practices for working with students with special needs, Sharing Professional Development opportunities with you, Keeping you apprised of new developments at Bergen County Special Services.


Site for BCA Business Day, promoting the event. Vague information here, I have no idea what this Business Day is.


Find the career that is right for you (research project).

http://sites.bergen.org/CSSN -

Collaborative school science network program. Program with Japan students, not much information on site


DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

http://sites.bergen.org/Digiprint -

The Printing Technologies course is designed for the student who is interested in all aspects of printing and the concepts associated with it, particularly digital printing. There is a heavy concentration in variable data printing using QuarkExpress and Darwin database software. The course is broken up into units; each unit containing lessons, a summary and quiz. The quizzes are not recorded for grading purposes, rather, they are to help the student assure him/herself that the material is thoroughly understood. As each question in a quiz is answered, the student is alerted as to whether it was answered correctly or not. The answer can be changed as often as necessary. There are no prerequisites associated with this course other than the ability to navigate on a web browser.


This experiment was conducted by freshman research classes at BCA. The effects of a specific herbicide, 2, 4-D, were recorded over a period of a month in an attempt to see how harmful herbicides are to the environment and aquatic life.

http://sites.bergen.org/FOD -

Fashion on Design is an exciting way to apply the newest cutting-edge technologies to the Fashion Industry. Now it is possible for anyone to order custom tailored and designed clothing.

http://sites.bergen.org/Forensic -

Site outlining the forensic science program within BCA, Teterboro Tech, and Academies at Englewood


Layout site for a class council. Not yet developed.


The Global Emissary is an international collaborative project among student journalists. The objective of the project is to demonstrate how disparate student viewpoints, instituted by different cultures and educational systems, can affect opinion articles on various world and local events. Another goal of The Global Emissary is to capture student lives all around the world through teacher and student interviews, chronicles regarding typical days of the journalists, and opinions regarding regional and school-related news.

This project was started at the Bergen County Academies in Hackensack, NJ in the U.S. From an American Literature classroom, The Global Emissary transformed from a course called "International Journalism" to a cooperative effort between students of numerous countries across the globe. It has developed into an online newspaper, supporting an international network of student journalists. The project is advised by Mr. David Wilson at the Bergen County Academies.


Site created for physics and chemistry notes, surveys, etc for students and faculty use.

http://sites.bergen.org/imageFX -

Students in the Image FX project will work together to use the latest management applications including SAP integration and select corporate partnerships to construct a company and original product line of sport eyewear from the ground up.

http://sites.bergen.org/istf -

Compilation of science and technology projects presented at BCA fair with vivid descriptions.

http://sites.bergen.org/jfk -

In the project Who Killed JFK?, the students will be working as an investigative team to analyze the available information on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. They will be searching for clues, organizing them, and reconstructing the events of that day in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Once this investigative team has synthesized a theory as to what happened that day, they will reenact these events in a theatrical presentation. This analysis will be interdisciplinary in that it will involve all of the sciences that come into play in a murder investigation, such as physics and biology, as well as the humanities and fine arts. Students will become familiar with the techniques homicide detectives and medical examiners use in murder cases by working off-site with professionals.


Information for junior year students at BCA; help in studying for AP, ACT, SAT, as well as having fun.


Site for BCA Sunday Math Team competition (for grades 4 to 8 competitions)

http://sites.bergen.org/njgms -

The New Jersey Guitar & Mandolin Society (NJGMS) is a 501c3 organization established in 2002 as a way to share talent in the New Jersey area. NJGMS is self-supported via membership dues, donations, grants, and sales. Membership comprises people from diverse backgrounds, ages, and abilities. Our members are interested in classical, jazz, international, and traditional American Music. We welcome anyone to join.

http://sites.bergen.org/bca/nhs -

Welcome to the new and improved home page of the BCA Chapter of the National Honor Society! Here you'll find lots of useful information relating to our organization.

http://sites.bergen.org/Ourstory -

Participating teachers will implement project-based lessons to motivate students and foster the critical skills of research, analysis, and development of original conclusions. Students of American history in three Northern New Jersey school districts will increase achievement and interest in American history. Teachers will receive support through a variety of mechanisms including mentoring; the OurStory web site and listserv; team teaching and "modeling;" access to primary source documents and experts; substitutes to provide release time; funds to support activities after normal school hours; field trips to historic sites, libraries, museums, re-enactments of events; classroom presentations and traveling museum exhibits. OurStory projects will increase student awareness of local history to foster student understanding of critical themes in American history.

http://sites.bergen.org/OutReach -

Educational Enterprises supports the fundamental concept that all students can grow, learn, and gain valuable educational opportunities together.  Services are provided in the school, home and/or community settings.  We provide behavior support services to professionals, students and their families.

Referral forms, for out-of-district services, are available through Educational Enterprises.

http://sites.bergen.org/Provita -

Provita is a global, research-driven pharmaceutical company dedicated to putting patients first. Established in 2009, Provita discovers, develops, manufactures and markets medicines to address unmet medical needs.  Our goal is to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.

Our mission is to contribute to the enrichment of quality of life around the world through the creation and production of innovative pharmaceuticals. 

Our focus is on our biologic product candidate Coagula that has been developed for hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease. We believe that if approved, Coagula may offer physicians and patients with a new treatment option with fewer injections, in result of natural relationship between part of the VWF molecule and Factor VIII. We also believe that Coagula will stop bleeding in even the most severe cases.

Provita is closely associated with the Bergen County Technical Schools. Exploiting their research program, Provita is committed to advancing its pipeline and expanding its product portfolio.


Your BCA Sophomore Class Council is responsible for hosting a variety of events throughout the school year. These include pot luck dinners, ice cream socials, bake sales, and school dances; more importantly, the Sophomore Class Council hosts Semi-Formal, one of the most anticipated school dances for freshmen and sophmores!

We are also devoted to maintaining, and improving, a positive learning environment for all of the sophmores. Through such means as keeping the booths in the basement clean, maintaining the Student Center, and trying to improve the general aesthetics of our hallways, the Sophomore Class Council attempts to make all of your stressful lives here at BCA a little bit easier :)

http://sites.bergen.org/Studentcouncil -

Here you can read about all the new updates on the upcoming events and activites we are working to organize for you guys!

We're here to represent you! If you have any new ideas that you think will make our school even better, don't be afraid to let us know! Even if you just have a couple of questions or comments, we would love to hear them! Check out our contact page for all our emails or you can click here to send an email directly to our general student council email.

We, the Student Council of Bergen County Academies, represent the students within the school and the school within the community. Our mission is to facilitate clear communication between students and administration. We aim to ensure a better educational and environmental experience within our and the associated technical schools.

http://sites.bergen.org/Wwite -

Women’s Workshop in Technology and Engineering. Promotion of a April 2011 event of WWITE workshop.


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HIB Information & Anti-Bullying Specialist per Continuum

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