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  January, 2017

As per the Anti-Bulling Bill of Rights Act (ABR) (P.L.2010,c.122), the Bergen County Special Services School District has posted its 2015-16 Self-Assessment for Determining Grades under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights to the District’s and to each Continuum’s webpage.

On January 10, 2017, the New Jersey Department of Education released the Self-Assessment under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights District and School Grade Report. The publication of this report is one of the requirements under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (ABR).

Beginning with the September 2011-12 school year, our District has conscientiously implemented the requirements found in the Anti-Bullying Bill of Right Act by initiating district-wide activities, programs and trainings to increase awareness. In order to foster safe and positive learning conditions for students, the District and each Continuum’s grades are part of an integrated process for reinforcing and strengthening each Continuum’s climate and culture through prevention and intervention efforts targeted toward harassment, intimidation and bullying (HIB). We utilize this data to educate the community about current school practices and engage them in identifying and addressing areas for improvement.

Under the Commissioner’s Program, each Continuum’s grade is a raw score of data and the sum of the ratings for all indicators within each core element on the School Self-Assessment. The maximum total score for each Continuum is 78 points and is not represented by a letter grade. The District’s grade is an average of the total scores of all Continuums.

 Please feel free to contact Mrs. Patricia Cosgrove, Anti-Bullying Coordinator, if you have any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Click HERE for BCSS District and Continuum- Self Assessment Grades


District Anti-Bullying Coordinator: 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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HIB Information & Anti-Bullying Specialist per Continuum

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