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        From the Desks of Mr. Mannarino & Ms. Jakob:
                Mr. Mannarino's Busy Day:  
                    Period 1:  Prep
                              2:  Englsih 1
                              3:  English 3/4
                              4:  Language Arts 7/8
                              5:  Language Arts 8/English 2
                              6:  Language Arts 8/English 1
                              7:  Language Arts 7/8
                              8:  English 3


                Ms. Jakob's Busy Day:
                    Period 1:  Math 8
                             2:  Prep
                             3:  Math 7
                             4:  Algebra 2
                             5:  Algebra 1
                             6:  Geometry
                             7:  Algebra 1
                             8:  Financial Literacy

 Making Cells in Maistream Science:

IMG 085A  P   n   N  N   V

Robotics Class @ Emerson High School:


Sterling Hill Mine Field Trip - October:

 "The most interesting part of the trip was the history of how children worked in the mine and the different rock formations on the walls, ceilings and ground."  CD


"I had a wonderful time at Sterling Hills Mine.  They had plenty of interesting activities and interesting things to learn.  They have awesome sights to see such as the giant T-Rex head and a multi-million dollar crystal collection."


"I really enjoyed seeing the glowing rock collection."  AA
IMG 0322                    IMG 0326     


Mr. Mannarino's English Class:  The students read the science fiction adventure 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.  When completed,  the students researched images on the computer that reflected the sea creatures that we encountered in the book such as giant squid, huge sharks, sunken treasure and giant submarines.  The students then had to create a diorama choosing a chapter from the book and create a scene from that chapter .  When the dioramas were completed , they had to present them to the class along with a written description. 



Ms. Jakob's Math 7/8 classes just finished a unit on graphs.


On January 6th, we visited the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City.
This is what our students had to say:  "My experience at the Liberty Science Center was absolutely amazing!...When I walked in, I saw a giant silver spikey ball decreasing and increasing from small to large hanging from the ceiling.  I took an elevator to the third floor and I went into a Plant and Animal Room and I saw some monkeys, a lungfish, huff fishes, cockroaches and reptiles." ... "In my opinion, I thought this was a great field trip for our group.  It was fun and educational.  Two of the most fun activities I was involved in was part of a skyscraper exhibit.  I loved the hurricane simulator, however, my favorite activity was walking on the high beam." ... "The LSC trip was a very interesting trip, we went to many exhibits, including; a giant net, a hurricane simulator and a really bad vending machine." ... "I really enjoyed it.  I saw many fun and cool things.  But the activity that I enjoyed the most was the Hurricane Simulator.  The winds are super strong and the rain is crazy.  I think is was an amazing experience, I would like to go back again one day." ... "The LSC was a nice experience with some classmates.  The Hurricane Simulator was one of my favorite activites on the trip." ... "There were even animals like it was a mini zoo but the best part about it was almost all the animals were REPTILES." ..."I saw a maze when we went in.  I looked down, we were at least 20 feet off the ground." ..."I also liked the tornado room, even if I didn't go in.  I also liked the Rubik's Cubes, especially the music one." ..."You could see all different Rubik's Cubes that have been made.  Finally before lunch we went on a new attraction, it is a climbing maze of some sort, plus it's about 10 feet in the air." ..."That's what makes a field trip fun being with people that make you laugh and enjoy what you are doing.  That is why the field trip was fun for me and I won't trade that time or my two best friends for the whole wide world."


BobTinaEllenKathy GuiKevBrancadeandrew



Mr. Deo's 8th Grade Science Traditional Bridge Project:
M.A. & S.N. made a bridge that broke the record for holding 14 textbooks before it crushed!



Ms. Jakob's science 8 class made atoms and completed an experiment on water displacement:






Ms. Vlahos' social studies 7 class made South American Molas:

7th grade SS


Students in Ms. Jakob's Chemistry class made atoms.


Students in Ms. Jakob's Science 7 class worked on a microscope lab.


E.G. won Ms. Jakob's 'Guess How Many Candy Corns for Halloween.'

The Bronx Zoo Trip 10/7:



Nova visited the Ringwood Manor, Ringwood, NJ.  The students and staff toured the beautiful mansion with a tour guide, who explained the early life of the manor.

IMG 0430IMG 0426


Several Nova Students attended a  mainstream World History class field trip to the Holocaust Museum in New York City.
IMG 20120316 124630IMG 20120316 104038


Nova students visited The Sterling Hill Mine in Ogdensburg, NJ on March 22nd.  Students visited the exhibit hall where they had a scavenger hunt for 5 items.  Then we went on to visit the Museum of Fluorescence and then on to the Underground Zinc Mine.  We had an excellent tour guide who kept the students engaged.  Students chose a fluorescent rock as a souvenir.



Nova North's Annual Picnic at Pascack Brook Park, Westwood





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