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 Parent of a Seventh Grade Student:It’s been a few weeks since my husband and I met with you all at Back To School Night. We were very impressed with many things about the Nova North & Visions Program at Emerson Jr/Sr High School. We’re really glad our child is there and seems to be adjusting very well with all of his new challenges.
I just wanted to share that it seems that our son is off to a good start here at home. He tells me that he does his homework during Study Hall and he plans out what he needs to do and when he’s going to do it. On days he doesn’t have Study Hall, he will sit on the dining room table and do his homework. He seems to be taking ownership and responsibility regarding his homework well.

New Parent :  Dear Dr. Lodhi, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for your hard work and commitment to making school a positive learning environment for your students. In the few short months that my daughter has been in the NOVA North program, there has been dramatic change in her behavior and attitude regarding school. Thank you again for accepting her into your program.


Parent of a seventh grader:  "I am so very happy that I found this place."  Y.D.

Parents of a Graduate:   Thank you so much for supporting our son over the years and for your enormous patience!!  Your help has brought us to this momentous occasion !!
Love, A. M. & R.

School Visit:  Very kind of you.  Thank you so much, and your enthusiasm and dedication toward the Nova program was a joy to experience. 

Former Nova North Student:  Granted, compared to some of the students you've had, I suppose I'm not that old of a student, hah. Anyway, long time no talk! I'm emailing you with some good news! As you might be able to tell from my email address, I've been accepted into the Carnegie Mellon University class of 2017!
I just thought that I owed you and everyone else at NOVA a lifetime of thanks. I was honestly quite a mess when I first entered the program from Brownstone, but through the three years I was at NOVA I really believe that I was able to mature and allow myself the opportunity to get where I am today. So yeah, thank you!
But that aside, I was also wondering if you were free at 6pm on the 18th of May. For the past year, I've been attending the Juilliard Pre-College music program and I have my senior recital on that date. If you were available, I thought it would be really cool if you could make it. It's been a while since we've last met. (Four years? Has it really been that long?)
Again, thank you so much and everyone else at NOVA!

of a Nova North Graduate: 
I want to express my thanks for all you have done over the last 5 years.  It wasn't an easy 5 years but you never gave up.  You helped mold G.  into the special person he is now.  Who would have thought 5 years ago that this was possible.  You are very special people who give these kids what they need to find their purpose in life.  You should be proud for a job well done.  I will never forget any of you.  Thanks,  M.B.

Parents of a Nova North Graduate:  On behalf of the N. family, we would like to thank all of you at Nova North at Emerson High School for the terrific job you collectively did in orchestrating M.'s final two years of high school.  M.'s accomplishments and achievements both academically and socially have surpassed dramatically to the point where we would not even dream he could reach.  The Nova program helped M. to reach past his previous potential.  You nurtured him, but also challenged him academically.  He rose to the occasion and welcomed the challenge.  He worked and worked until he could master the subject matter.  The more intense the subject matter, the harder M. worked.  The more successful he became, the more his self esteem and his pride in himself grew.  You helped him to direct his focus.  You and the fine teaching staff at Emerson High School enabled my son to soar.
We asked Paterson to find another placement.  It was suggested we look at your program.  A match was made in heaven that day.  You all worked so hard in implementing M.'s plan expeditiously.   He began to show positive results immediately.  His self esteem grew by leaps and bounds.  He grew as a person.  He began to socialize again.  We have much to be thankful for.  Our only regret is that we did not know about Nova earlier.  We are very, very proud and we are humbled by all that M. has become.  Our once speechless, autistic boy has grown into a fine, intelligent, caring young man;  who can be what ever he wants to be.  He now has the tools, which you helped to provide, to accomplish these goals.  We have told him and I think he is beginning to believe, he has the tools to compete with any one at any level for any thing.
Thank you so much,
M. & M. N

Nova North Graduate:  Thank you for scribing for me last year and for teaching fabulous Algebra 2 lessons. 
I will miss you.  T.H.

Parent of a Nova North Student:  We are indebted to you for your commitment toward J.  and as parents we consider ourselves blessed that our son is surrounded by people like yourself who are resourceful and can motivate J. to accomplish his goals.  Regards, J.S.

 Nova North Graduate:  Thank you for being a supportive and helpful teacher in a confusing subject (Algebra 2).  You know how teachers get apples from students, as a reminder of how great of a teacher you are, I decided to give you a permanent apple.  Hope you like it and have a great summer!  Sincerely from a student, D.D.

Parent of a Nova North Graduate:  You realize a teacher has far exceeded the expectations of both the student and parent when all the words warranted cannot be found to express their gratitude.  You have had such a drastic impact on R.'s past six years that I will be eternally grateful.  When necessitated, you have shown compassion, kindness and firmness that have allowed R. to exceed beyond my expectations.  You will forever be remembered and respected for all you have contributed towards the success R. has achieved. 
With everlasting admiration, D.K.

Nova North Graduate:  Thank you for the best four years of my teenage life.  I'm going to really miss you and I will never forget the memories that we have together.  I do promise to win the lottery so you can help me in college.  There is one other thing that you must know and always remember.  This is not a goodbye but a rather simple see you later.  Thanx for being the best teacher I ever knew!! E.V.*

Nova North Graduate:  Thank you for everything.  No matter what you never gave up on me.  You are my favorite teacher I ever had.  And I have had a lot of teachers.  Don't worry you haven't seen the last of me. 
Your favorite student, R.S.


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