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New Jersey Meadowlands Commission Center for Environmental and Scientific Education

Gateway Padovano High School is continuing its partnership with the NJMC Center for Environmental and Scientific Education for a series of programs at DeKort State Park in Lyndhurst.

The MarshAccess environmental programs are operated and presented by educators from Ramapo College, and they provide our students with hands-on opportunities in environmental science, history, and astronomy. 

This month we will be exploring the human history of the Meadowlands, and how we have reshaped these wetlands in both positive and negative ways.



Gateway Art

 In collaboration with visiting instructor Jennifer Kiernan from the Bergen Community College Continuing Education Department, a team of Gateway students took a Street Art class, earning Continuing Education credits and creating their own Street Art project. Each student on the team brought their own personal vision to this group project, now proudly on display in our school entrance area. In addition, the students enjoyed presenting their work for public display in the Bergen Community College Technology Building in June. 

A permanent mural is now nearly complete in our own student lounge. This five-panel work celebrates many of the world’s great cultural centers, both modern and ancient. The project was developed by our students in conjunction with the volunteer efforts and talent of Ruth Neabore, our recently retired BCSS art teacher. Thank you, Ruth and our talented student-artists for this beautiful work!

 imgage of art  image of art

What opportunities are available to allow my child to have a larger social network?

The Evergreen Program is recognized as a "school within a school".  The Evergreen students can participate in all clubs, activities and sports that are offered at Leonia High School.  By doing so, the students can be part of a social network enabling them to fully integrate into a larger school community.

Will my child be prepared for college?

The Evergreen students have the ability to take many college preparatory classes as well as advanced placement courses if recommended by the faculty.  The students are always part of the planning process when determining their individual schedules.  All students should be challenged academically so to better prepare them for the college experience.

What type of support is available if my child is having a hard time academically / emotionally?

Evergreen has a psychologist on duty to meet the emotional needs of the Evergreen students.  Leonia High School provides tutoring Monday through Thursday sponsored by the National Honor Society to help meet the academic needs of all Leonia/Evergreen students.  Evergreen also provides a study skills period whereby a student can work on projects, seek additional help from a teacher, complete assignments and work on organizational skills and time management.  

What criteria do you use to place a student in a mainstream class?

The student must be emotionally and academically ready to meet the challenges of mainstreaming.  Though support and guidance is available, the student must be able to  assimilate into the group dynamics of a classroom setting.  Initially there is always an expected anxiety as one fully becomes integrated into mainstream, but hopefully this dissipates over time.

What does a Behavioral Management Plan consist of and can it be customized to the student's individual needs?

Unless there is a clearly definable Behavioral Management Plan in the student's IEP, all interventions, behavioral contracts and Behavioral Management Plans would be customized to individual needs.

Are there counseling services available?

Counseling services are available. In addition to counseling, we offer college planning services, transition planning, work study and internship programs.


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