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     The goal at Gateway High School is to provide each student with a program and instruction that will help him or her to become independent, productive and self-sufficient adult. Students lesson are developed utilizing the New Jersey Student Learning Standards that incorporate real-life learning experiences.

     Students also attend field trips that allow them to explore post-secondary opportunities. They explore career choices through New Jersey Career Assistance Navigator (NJCAN) a self –directed assessment tool to research in which vocational area there may be an interest. Some past field trips have been: The NJ Meadowlands Complex, Channel 47 News, NBC Studios, and Newark Airport, Bergen County Fire and Police Academy, area malls and other local employers to name a few. They also work on job preparation skills such as writing and completing applications during in-class career education instruction.

     Juniors and seniors participate in job internships, both paid and unpaid, that reflect each student’s interests. Some of our employers are Holy Name Hospital, Pep Boys Shop-Rite Supermarkets, Applebee’s, Friday’s, Blue Dog Graphics, Jimmy John’s, Modell’s, and Men’s Warehouse. Our students are supported in the class with training about finances and independent living responsibilities such as savings and checking accounts, credit cards and insurance purchasing. Student benefit from developing these skills that will transfer into their daily lives after graduation. Student’s placements in career education/internships is determined by the student’s strength’s, aptitude, interest and state requirements, and IEP.



Positive School-Wide Behavior System

Gateway High School utilizes a Positive School-wide Behavior System.  One of our goals is to prepare our students for a successful adult life, so we always strive to mimic situations they may encounter as adults and help them learn the important skills they will need to appropriately handle them.  In life, if you excel at work or in college, you are typically rewarded for that.  For example, you perform well at work, you get a raise, or you get a promotion.  We wanted to include this same approach in our program.

 As a result, we created a system that includes every student, focuses on all of the good and appropriate things they do during the school day, and rewards them for these great achievements.  We clearly establish our Code of Conduct which includes our three main expectations: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible.  When our students adhere to this Code of Conduct, they have a wide variety of rewards available to them.  They can take part in items such as free time, snacks, use of the student lounge, field trips, food parties, movie and snack,  the mystery box and more.  Our students continue to shown a real interest in the system and demonstrate some truly outstanding achievements!  We are so proud of them.

 We continually gathered a wide range of data to take a look at where we could strengthen our program, what the students and parents are seeking, and where our existing strong areas can be enhanced.  As a part of this process, our staff is continuously reviewing and improving our Postive Behavior System with ongoing feedback from our students.  We are all looking forward to more successes for our students throughout the school year!




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