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novCareer Crossroads and BELA have a shared time learning experience. The students at Crossroads have been coming to BELA various times a week to work in Ms. Webster’s and Ms. Callie’s Classes. This past month they have done a few projects with both classes.

In Ms. Callie’s 3yr old preschool class at BELA, they have been working on the following themes “Community, Fall, and Many Thanks”. They played Community Helpers Bingo with the students. The Students matched the helpers to their equipment ( ie. Fire fighter : fire truck baker: spatula Police Officer : badge etc) . They also made traffic lights and played Red light/ Green Light . They enjoyed playing this game.

For Thanksgiving, one of the interns read I KNOW AN OLD LADY WHO SWALLOWED A PIE by Allison Jackson. The students also made Indian headdresses and turkeys. The class enjoyed the book and making projects.

In Ms. Webster’s 4 year old class they also studied Community helpers and played Community Helpers Bingo with the children. For the “Fall” theme, they made trees out of colored paper and wreaths out of real leaves. The students liked playing Bingo and making the fall projects. The Interns from Career Crossroads also assist the teachers in circle time, music, walking students to the bathroom and breakfast/snacks. They look forward to coming to BELA during the week to learn, assist in the classroom and be with the children.



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