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SAAt the Wood Ridge Program adults learn and practice daily social skills and self-advocacy.

The self-advocacy process is simply the everyday interaction with people in the adult’s life. Adults are empowered and encouraged to request, inquire, and ask questions pertaining to their needs and want both in-house and in the community.


  • Approaching cashiers or customers service reps at stores
  • Using telephone to call in or inform staff of absents or tardiness
  • Converse with staff and peers regarding daily situations and feelings
  • Learn how to set goals, make decisions, and work through conflict
  • Practice skills needed to get what you really want

Practice skills to be more assertive 








Adults learn to independently reserve their transportation needs threw N.J. Transit - Access Link.


  • Verbal communication
  • Social communication and behavior
  • Time management
  • Plan transportation needs (daily/weekly)
  • Transition from one environment into the next w/o struggle



  • Computer/phone skills to make appointments Verify  confirmation via email or verbal (phone)
  • Verify  confirmation via email or verbally (phone)
  • Learn email addresses (via computer requests)
  • Learn telephone numbers (via phone requests)
  • Know addresses of “TO” and “FROM” locations
  • Time management for arrival and return


  • Time management
  • Having necessary items ready before ride arrives
  • Introduce/greeting themselves upon entering vehicle
  • Verbally verify destination request  upon entering vehicle
  • Money/bus pass
  • Sitting quickly
  • Seatbelt  buckling
  • Appropriate casual conversation and behavior
  • Short “THANK YOU, GOOD-BYE” upon exiting
  • Exiting safely and quickly

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