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The Westwood Elks Carnival

Manabu Elks Carnival copy copy


In July of 2016 the Westwood Elks sponsored their first annual BBQ and Carnival for the Bergen County Special Services Adult Programs. The event was help at our facility here at 296 E. Ridgewood Ave. and they supplied food, carnival games, ice cream and a DJ. Fun and excitement was had by all. We are so grateful to the Elks for donating not only all of the supplies but also their time, many of the Elks members and their families volunteered that day in order to make this a special event for all our clients. Thank you again.


This year Careers through Technology has expanded its curriculum to include more direct instruction in skills of daily living. Although primarily a technology driven program, we recognize the importance of independence in a multitude of areas. An important aspect of our training is that of problem solving.

Everyone can benefit from having good problem solving skills since we can encounter problems on a daily basis. To start, we assist adults to identify what barrier or challenge prevent them from immediately reaching their goal. To do this, we guide each adult to observe and gather facts that help to define what the problem is. Once the problem has been identified, we partner with the adult to identify possible solutions, and describe the consequences of each solution. Questions are generated, so that each adult can explore if one solution is better than another, more realistic, or within their control. At the end of the exercise, we ask each adult to make the best decision possible and explain why they chose the solution they did. We may help an adult to identify a solution through trial and error.

Regardless of how the solution is selected, our instructional support always focuses on safety and authonomy.


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