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The Springboard program provides a supportive environment to students, aged eighteen to twenty-one, who are transitioning from high school to the field of work or higher education. Special emphasis is on career exploration, functional academics, and independent living skills. In providing individual instruction to enhance achievement of organizational skills, study skills, and learning strategies, Springboard offers a comprehensive array of transition services including travel training, job placement, and supportive employment with job coaches. With low a student/teacher ratio that allows for each student's individual development, each student explores vocational experiences in a variety of industrial fields, in both the public and private sector. Springboard offers an independent living lab to simulate apartment living so students grow towards independence. When students complete Springboard, they are linked to postgraduate support services such as DDD, DVR and adult recreation activities.

Springboard utilizes the "Life Centered Career Education" curriculum developed by the Council for Exceptional Children. The main components of the program are Daily Living Skills, Personal/Social Skills, and Occupational Guidance and Preparation. test

DAILY LIVING SKILLS teaches students to manage personal finances (including using credit cards, check cards, etc.), household management, personal needs, family responsibilities, food preparation, citizenship responsibility, and leisure activities.

PERSONAL/SOCIAL SKILLS helps students develop self-awareness, self-confidence, socially responsible behavior, good interpersonal skills, independence, decision-making, and communication skills.

OCCUPATIONAL GUIDANCE AND PREPARATION opens the door to occupational possibilities and choices in the 21st century, including appropriate work habits, seeking and maintaining employment, physical/manual skills, and specific job competencies.

The Life Centered Career Education curriculum also includes IEP goals and objectives. Progress Reports and a Pass/Fail Grading Report are issued four times per year. Pre- and Post-tests for the Life Centered Career Education curriculum are administered.


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