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Community-Based Instruction
Shopping in area stores
Visiting community resources (banks, libraries, supermarkets)
Learning about transportation
Communication skills required in the community

Pre-Vocational Exploration
Lessons on pre-vocational interests and skills required for specific jobs

Lessons on the importance of interpersonal and communication skills at work

Opportunities to learn from our older students about internships and jobs  



Daily Living and Functional Skills

           Daily Living Skills 

  • Food Preparation Lessons
  • HEALTH BARN USA @ Abma’s Farms
  • Time Skills
  • Money Skills
  • Health and Safety Lesson
  • Dressing Skills

Functional Academics

Lessons cover the following areas:

  • Listening and following directions
  • Learning concepts of time and telling time
  • Identifying and Counting Coins
  • Community Words and Safety Signs





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