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Many thanks to all of you, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Robertson, Dr. Lodhi, Mrs. Salzberg, and the teachers and aides who are working so hard for BG.  I’ve always been impressed with the BCSS Services Programs at Emerson Jr.-Sr. High School.  Best wishes for a relaxing summer.


I wanted to thank you and the wonderful staff of teachers that have cared for, taught and nurtured my son for the last 5 years. He's come a long way. I'm so proud of him. You have done a great job.


Our son is very happy here and we are so grateful.  Thank you.............



We just wanted to thank you so much for all you've done for our child in high school.  She has really blossomed these last four years, and we attribute that to you two, the program, and the support she has received at Visions.  I don't regret for one minute sending her out of district.  It was definitely the right choice for her.



The VISIONS Program has been a perfect fit for our child. We are very happy with the progress our child has made thus far.


The Visions staff is supportive of my child in both social and academic endeavors.  Thank you.



On April 19th of this year, the Visions Staff hosted a very successful Transitional Luncheon at Emerson Jr.Sr High School, for the parents of the Visions students. P Wojtowicz and F Appleton of Bergen County Special Services,  presented an overview of the importance of DVR and how to plan an effective transition into the workplace after high school.  I want to commend them on how well they presented the material and how informative it was to me and it appeared that the other parents felt the same way as well.  The parents were very engaged, and had many questions for them both after the presentation.  I also want to compliment the Visions Staff for all the work they did to prepare for this event.




The Visions Team really helped my child achieve some very important goals both with academic and extra curricular activities that are important to him as well.  They worked extremely hard with the mainstream teachers to ensure my child's need were understood so he could excel with self-confidence. 




I also want to stress what a valuable tool the new and improve Bergen County Special Services Website is for parents.  Please check it out if you haven't already. 










 Therapeutic Adventure

This year our class participated in to therapeutic adventure trips. The first was to the ropes course at the Palisades Mall in Nyack, NY. We had a great time moving across the course high above the stores. At first, some of us weren't too sure of what we had goten ourselves into, but by the end of the day, all of us had given it a try!

The second trip was to an indoor rock wall climbing facility. There, again, we were not too sure, but after we got warmed up, we did great! We look forward to new adventures next year!


Class Picnic

Every May our class goes to Emerson Brook Park to celebrate the end of another successful school year. This year, we had a gorgeous, sunny day to play kickball and frisbee and enjoy time with our friends before we began to get ready for our final exams.


Community Based Instruction

Over the course of the year, the Visions class centered their CBI trips around the Bergen Towne Center. Many skills for independent living were planned and practiced in small groups. Students participated in a variety of activities including navigation, budgeting, home improvement project planning, price comparison, and making purchases. The highlight of the students' series of trips was their group planned shop and lunch to utilize the skills they acquired over the course of the unit.


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