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The Springboard Class at the Transition Center at Wood-Ridge is a class to be proud of.


The students have amassed many accomplishments this year. I am continually amazed by the work they do on their internships at VanSaun Park and Camp YawPaw. At these sites they rake, sweep, weed, and clean the grounds. They have also taken on the responsibility of washing school shirts at the local laundry and doing weekly shopping for the school at Stop and Shop. They manage the recycling program and do custodial duties around the school. There is never a shortage of work, which we gladly accept.

We also have a number of students who are off on individual internships and paid employment. We currently have students who are working at McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Applebee’s. Springboard students are given lessons on job survival skills and safety, which helps them on the job.

Since many of the students will be graduating from this class, special activities are planned throughout the year. Our most recent trip for the seniors was with the Circle Line in New York, where we toured New York harbor. It was truly a very special day. A hike accompanied by marshmallows and weenie roasting also provided a great social activity for the Springboard class. Seniors can also look forward to the Senior Luncheon and Prom scheduled for June.


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