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VISIONS students are welcomed to join athletic activities either in the Emerson Jr./Sr. High School or their own local high school. Parents are responsible for arranging transportation following these activities. Currently, Visions students are participating in Wrestling and Baseball.

Student Activities
VISIONS students participate in Emerson High School activities, including sports, musical and dramatic productions, chorus, and ECTV. VISIONS has its own clubs focusing upon independent living skills. Students are also eligible to join activities in their local high schools. Parents are responsible for arranging transportation following these activities.

Internships and/or work studies are available to students in the junior and senior classes. Students in grades seven through ten are exposed to the world of work through community based field trips.


Important School Information

November Lunch Menu 

Important Message:


Saddle Brook Elementary School will no longer admit parents or unscheduled staff members into the building without prior notice.


If you are going to visit the school, please contact the main office prior to your visit at: 201-796-6650


A Message from the PTA:

Anyone interested in volunteering to help with PTA functions can do so during future PTA meetings.

Please give your support by attending meetings and helping with fundraisers.  A PTA is nothing without its members!  If you have any questions or would like to help, contact Vicki Torbic, President.


Visitors must report to the office upon entering the school building.  This is necessary for the security and welfare of your children.

School Entry After Dismissal:

Student may re-enter the building for forgotten items until 4pm only.

Physical Education Apparel:

Appropriate apparel will help to make physical education enjoyable and safer.  Tennis shoes, sneakers, and gym shoes are desirable.  Sweat pants and shorts best suit gym activities.  Please do not send children in jeans which restrict movement.

Smoking in School Building or Grounds:

It is against the law to smoke in school buildings or grounds at anytime.  All organizations using school facilities have been officially notified concerning the regulation.  We request the cooperation of all those who use the building.

Lunch :

Please send in money or checks to the classroom teacher to be brought to the cafeteria.  

Saddle Brook Staff will add the money to the students accounts.

Checks should be made out to SBBOE Lunchroom Account.


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District Anti-Bullying Coordinator: 
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540 Farview Ave
Paramus, NJ 0765

HIB Information & Anti-Bullying Specialist per Continuum

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Self-Assessment for Determining Grades under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights


Safety Security Letter