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Visions- Emerson students actively participate in a variety of activities at Emerson Junior-Senior High School. In the past, members of our class participated on the basketball, baseball, and track teams. Other students have showcased their musical and dramatic talents through participation in all-county chorus, the school play, the jazz band, and the school chorus. Not to be left out, our art students have created projects in painting, woods, and computer art that are displayed around the building and in local competitions. The Visions staff works closely with the Emerson High School staff to ensure student success in all of their endeavors.

The Visions Program recognized Emerson custodian Fred Kochi for his hard work in helping our students achieve their best.




VISIONS students are welcomed to join athletic activities either in the Emerson Jr./Sr. High School or their own local high school. Parents are responsible for arranging transportation following these activities. Currently, Visions students are participating in Wrestling and Baseball.

Student Activities
VISIONS students participate in Emerson High School activities, including sports, musical and dramatic productions, chorus, and ECTV. VISIONS has its own clubs focusing upon independent living skills. Students are also eligible to join activities in their local high schools. Parents are responsible for arranging transportation following these activities.

Internships and/or work studies are available to students in the junior and senior classes. Students in grades seven through ten are exposed to the world of work through community based field trips.


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